Cosmos India
Ambassador Program

Evangelize Cosmos & Tendermint for BLOCKCHAIN 3.0 Apply Now

What is Cosmos India Ambassador Program?


Leadership opportunity

Students, professionals, startups, and anyone curious and interested enough to explore endless opportunities with cosmos India.


To promote engagement and participation by increasing awareness and support for the Cosmos blockchain in their communities

Community Pioneers

Ambassadors seek to become pioneers in their community, encourage and help community members explore the possibilities of cosmos Tendermint within and outside their ecosystem and represent the mission of the cosmos community.


Being active volunteers for the Cosmos India community. Ambassadors will organize and take part in events, design programs recruiting volunteers, learn and teach a variety of educational material provided by Cosmos India.

Why apply to be an Ambassador?

Opportunities to work with leading projects in Cosmos Ecosystem

Learn from the best in the Industry and build a very strong network

Receive swags and marchandise on a regular basis

Opportunity to become a thought leader in this space

Roles & Responsibilities

Serve as an ambassador for a one-year term
Participate in hackathons
Content creation - courses, core topics and development
Speak at conferences and hackathons, regionally as well as nationally representing Cosmos India
Ideate and execute innovative plans for workshops and promotion
Create monthly reports of all activities and events carried out with metrics, photos and results.
Develop an ecosystem for blockchain around your campus/company
Find Blockchain/crypto enthusiasts and support in developing and expressing their ideas